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Turnkey Solution: Construction
Interior and Secondment

Veldman Techniek

Is your partner for Interior and Maintenance solutions for your barn or stall.

Veldman Bouw

For all your (agricultural) construction work.

Veldman Detachering

Specialised in Secondment of Polish employees in many branches throughout the Netherlands

Veldman Solar-Energy

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Our specialists can give you advice, deliver the panels and even mount them for you!


Welcome to the website of Veldman Techniek

Overall concept: Construction, Interior, Secondment

Veldman Group is your partner for everything related to a pig-, poultry-, cattle-, horse-, sheep-, rabbit- or goat stall. The founding of Veldman Bouw, Techniek and Veldman Detachering originates back to 1987 when Hennie Veldman started to sell construction equipment and PVC from a barn in Luttenberg. After moving to Dalfsen in 1992 and renovating the barns there, the business started to expand significantly, including the demand for renovations. All the administration was done by Paulien Veldman. The first employees were hired in 1997 to construct a new pig barn in Dalfsen. The foreman of this project was Jos Veldman, who decided to quit his current job afterwards and to start cooperating with Hennie and Paulien. André Veldman also joined the business because of his great knowledge of materials and parts.

Veldman Techniek was born!

After executing several construction and installation projects with a small team and 2 people working at the office, FMD broke out in 2001. This made it impossible for third parties to continue working at the barns in Dalfsen and Luttenberg, therefore the activities continued at Zompstraat 17 in Raalte. This location provided a larger warehouse which made it possible to continue expanding into all the agricultural sectors.The company’s growth made it possible to sustain a larger workforce, machine park and fleet. The Secondment department was founded after several positive experiences with Polish employees, up until today they are still an important aspect of the company.  The offices were moved to Zompstraat 19 in 2008 due to the company’s continuous growth. The warehouse remained at Zompstraat 17, as from 2014 using the name Vema Trading.  We are constantly trying to improve ourselves and look for new possibilities for our current but also new markets, for example Solar Energy.

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